The Economic Development Committee meets the first Thursday of each month at the Town Hall in Room 105. The Committee is comprised of three members who currently own businesses in Holliston, two members with commercial/industrial real estate and professional experience with financing and development, and one with a planning and economic development background.

Melanie HamblenDirector
MembersTerm Expires
Glenn Brown2025
Alexander Ferro2026
Pat Hafford2026
John DrohanChair2024
Viktoria Sadlovska Anshu2025
David Thorn2024
Chinmaya Gogineni2024


Mission Statement

The Holliston Economic Development Committee (EDC) works proactively to promote, encourage, and facilitate the development of responsible and properly planned commercial and industrial growth within the community in order to expand and strengthen the local economy and diversify the community’s tax base and give the Town’s residents more opportunities to live, work, and thrive in an economically forward-looking and financially strong community.

Committee Charge

  • Proactively promote and encourage the development, redevelopment, expansion and retention of Holliston’s commercial, village commercial and industrial tax base.
  • Support existing businesses and encourage businesses to remain in Holliston, and if feasible, to expand operations.
  • Pursue grants with other departments as appropriate.
  • Market Holliston as a business friendly community.
  • Streamline permitting.
  • Develop centralized informational sources regarding business opportunities for commercial/industrial real estate options including tax incentives that are revenue positive.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes